Gluten-free bliss

1795908_509262365841660_1709928764_oWe’re giving a go at gluten-free baking to try and develop a few recipes that don’t actually taste like ground up newspapers. We’ve have a a few good experiences with G-F desserts like the tasty treats from BEZ ¬†gluten-free in Ottawa but she’s one of the rare ones that gets it. Our first batch of shortbread bars turned out greater than we had anticipated and you can barely tell the difference. We’ve made them into a bastardized version of cranberry bliss bars and replaced the cream cheese icing with a softer white chocolate and condensed milk ¬†icing.



Mac’n’cheese with wieners. (Sort of)



We had a friend over last night who’s professed her life long love of Mac and cheese with hot dogs. As any other young Quebecer, we were brought up on this classic. The only debate was whether to ketchup or not. Of course, we had our way with it and replaced the wieners with Grilled Italian sausage and pushed aside the ketchup for the all mighty Sriracha. Not to forget, that crispy panko crust, this is a carb-counter’s nightmare. Needless to say, it was delish.

1000635_505448176223079_2066488841_nIf you’re anything like us, as soon as a brown speck appears on my yellowing banana, We’re out. We know it’s fine, but there’s an ick factor we can’t see past so we’ve recycled these smushy tubes of slime into tasty, tasty peanut butter and banana treats. No offense to the classic banana loaf, but seriously, look at these. It’s no contest. Well, the only contest is to see who can manage to eat the least before bedtime. Spoiler alert; It’s not Martin.


Back by “paw”pular demand (eugh, we hate ourselves for this one) we’ve made a fresh batch of PB & Cranberry dog treats. As always, we pack them with whole wheat flour, flax seeds, bran flour and sugar free natural peanut butter. We have them in two sizes (teeny tiny and huge mothers!) Hit us up online or come and see us at the Aylmer Arts and artisans fair April 26th.