Thanksgiving Special!

We’re at the last Preston Market for the season! Today we have Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, brigadeiros, spicy meat rubs, puppy treats, drinking chocolate, and marshmallows. Come and get some for yourself or to bring to your thanksgiving dinner! Need other ingredients? Or neighbours @PrestonMarketO have farmer’s breakfasts, apples, fresh vegetables, baked goods, canned goods, and more!


Who needs air freshener when you can bake these puppies?

Ooooh it’s this time of the year again! We love the fall season aka scarf season more than any other one. We also love the flavor combos attached to it, though we can say we don’t like pumpkin pie, we do adore anything else pumpkin related. Be it ravioli, soup or especially dessert. We’re heading off this Saturday to the last Preston street market day of the season (boohoo we know) and we’re going to share these lovely pumpkin spice cupcakes. We will also serve up a hot cup of drinking chocolate with our fresh marshmallows and our ever nummy brigadeiros. We hope to see you all there!