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Choux-Choux local healthy stop


Choux-Choux local healthy stop @


We are Gabie and Martin. Three years ago, we co-launched a farmer’s market in Old Aylmer with amazing people. The market is a huge success and draws thousands of people every weekend. Through this endeavor, we’ve cultivated close relationships with many local farmers and producers. We’ve grown to understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from and maintaining healthy food habits.

The project that we are building is a neighbourhood restaurant that would serve almost exclusively locally sourced produce and food products. Offering a tasty experience while creating and maintaining jobs for all those families who’s income revolves around farming.  Our menu will offer healthy salads, grain bowls, soups, amazing coffees and desserts. We will have fresh baked goodies for breakfast and afternoon breaks. We take great care in diversifying this menu to include vegetarian and vegan friendly options as well as offerings to suit special dietary needs.

The neighbourhood where the restaurant is situated has an abundance of medium to low income residents as well as the largest governement complex in Canada. Every day they rely on cheap, fast and unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, there aren’t many healthy affordable options within walking distance. We’re trying to show that can enjoy a nourishing meal consisting of fresh vegetables and ethically sourced proteins that taste amazing and and are of good value.

We are projecting to open September first 2016. Timing is important as the end of the growing season is near. Our vegetable inventory needs will help some of our farmer friends to build greenhouses and extend their growing season well into the winter months. This injection of capital into our project will drastically shorten the time required to secure funding. This will allow us to focus on building the business, applying for grants, and quickly creating a revenue stream for the producers and farmers we have partnered with. Here is one of our partners;

Four years ago, Curtis and Marie-France founded Ferme la Machine. Sparked by their growing awareness of the importance of a more intelligent and sustainable use of natural resources, increasing demand for organic food and the challenges we face being “stuck in the machine”, the concept of Ferme La Machine was born. They traded in their corporate gigs for a new one. One of their our own creation, that values quality of life, health and contributing to the community. They’ve been improving their level of sustainability for the past three years on their farmstead. They believe strongly in supporting projects like (“this one”) that helps them get their food into the hands and bellies of the community.

To learn more abour Ferme la Machine, go to their website at

This project is close to our hearts as part of an amazing community of growers with passion and drive that is seldom seen in other industries. We want to build an amazing service culture and nourish the community’s hearts and bodies.

Great food, great fun, great people.

Dippy eggs


It’s time to share our favorite brunch recipe with all of you. We’ve had a different version of this at Lawrence in Mtl. and it was love at first bite. Here it goes;


What you will need (for two people):

1957728_589778144456748_2071563719685066305_oTwo cups of cut celeriac                                                                                          One cup of cut leeks                                                                                                      One cup of sliced mushrooms (here we used baby Portobello but  you can substitute with Shitake,  Pleurote etc.)                                                4 eggs                                                                                                                                      1/3 cup of cooking cream                                                                                      Shaved Parmesan                                                                                                        Salt and pepper


Start off by sweating the leeks in a bit of butter and olive oil. Add the mushrooms and celeriac and cook until dry on medium heat.

10649112_589778197790076_3161271353467755327_oAdd the cream and reduce until the cream is almost all evaporated. Season well and take off the heat. Separate the four eggs but keep the yolks in the half shells to help keep the yolk intact.


Gently fold the whites into your hot celeriac mixture to slowly start cooking the egg. Don’t worry if it’s a bit runny as it will finish baking in the oven.  For small cavities with a spoon and gently deposit two yolks per dish. Top with shaved Parmesan and bake at 300 degrees Celsius for about 10-12 minutes. Leave in longer if you prefer a hard yolk.


Serve with your favorite toast and enjoy!


Ze French Macarons



We’re back this weekend at the Aylmer farmer’s market! We’ve got three weekends left so come out and say hello.

We’ve gotten back into making French Macarons after a bitter love affair with them and since finding our new recipe, it’s much simpler and there is less swearing involved.

This time, we’ve made raspberry jam, pink cotton candy and vanilla buttercream.